UL1856 Lining

What is tank lining?

Tank lining is the process of upgrading old UPSS or above ground fuel storage tanks internally or externally by providing protection of the substrate material from chemical attack. Fibreglass (FRP) lining is superior to paint coatings because it structurally reinforces the existing material. It is the ultimate method to prevent potential catastrophic operational and environmental failures and will allow your tank to get back to service quickly.

When is tank lining required?

Any tank that is leaking needs immediate repair and lining or replacement. Steel tanks weaken naturally and become thinner due to daily operations and chemical attack. Older single wall fiberglass tanks have unsuitable resins for fuel, particularly ethanol blends, and become softer and weaker. In both cases perforations and tears become a real threat due to weakened tank walls. So, any single wall steel tank or any single wall fiberglass pre 2010 tank is recommended for a lining procedure. Recommended best practice is the complete prevention of problems so tank lining should always be the first consideration as a preventative solution but also as a fast-reactive answer.

Lining systems we install:

  • UL1856 Lining System - standard lining, non-structural 25-year warranty
  • UL1856 Upgrade System – co-structural lining, co-structural 25-year warranty with option to monitor interstitial space
  • UL1856 Structural System – self structural lining, structural 25-year warranty. This option is not recommended unless it is impossible to get a new tank!

All our procedures align with AS4897-2008 and EPA guidelines for each Australian State and Terriroty and are carried out safely according to regulatory and industry expectations.

We have fully accredited staff in First Aid, Confined Space, Hot Work and work tirelessly to ensure absolute safety on site.

All lined tanks come with calibration data and new dip sticks.

A full job report, including stage photos, work documents including permits, pressure test certificates and warranties is provided.

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