We understand that the needs of our clients are constantly changing and that the changes are very challenging.

Our focus is to create the best possible solutions in the safest manner possible. We take pride in providing safe, logical and economically optimal solutions in the maintenance and upgrade of service stations and fuel depots Australia wide. The only way we can achieve this is by constantly adapting and changing to the needs of the industry and each individual customer. We look at each situation on a case by case basis and utilize the best technology available to us in creating the most suitable package for each site. Our results just happen to be many of the best in the industry.

JCC Suntech Pty Ltd T/AS Petroleum Tank Technologies (PTT) began UPSS lining in 2006 with Japanese manufactured pre-preg FRP. Since commencing, PTT has lined hundreds of tanks Australia wide for many small to large companies. To keep with industry advances, in 2012 PTT moved on to carbon fibre and fibreglass manual layup. More recently since 2016, PTT evolved on to 3D fibreglass which enables the creation of interstitial spaces for monitoring purposes. Via this cutting-edge technology we can offer UL1856 Lining, Upgrade and Structural systems. Our 3D hand layup is based on techniques developed in the USA/Canada and we have received training from former ZCL | Xerxes Phoenix system installers. PTT continues to line tanks in service stations, buildings and depots all over Australia.

The imported 3D fibreglass is commonly used in aerospace, automotive and marine vehicle manufacturing. Other materials used are UL listed or suitable for use with all service station fuel types. Envirotank supply manways, lids, sumps and forecourt covers. The lids can have up to six, four-inch sockets which means it can handle all piping needs and is also suitable for the installation of pressure systems.

The interstitial monitoring devices come from Dover Fuels plus we calibrate all tanks and provide strapping charts for ATG and new dip sticks using their 3D laser scanner. Their SIRA solution has an optional subscription to Fairbanks which is an online real time inventory monitoring system. The ProGauge ATG is capable of pushing the necessary data up to Fairbanks for reporting and the only prerequisite is an internet connection. They can supply industrial modems (without a SIM) if no other connection is available.

We have worked tirelessly on developing the benchmark work methods for tank lining and other allied products and services in the Petroleum Industry, strictly complying to Australian safety and EPA standards (AS4801, AS14001, AS4897, AS1020, AS1940, AS1692).

We also access global standards including UL1856 which complement and improve on our application of the Australian Standards.

Utilising the benefit of experience and knowledge gained from our associate company Sanfreund Corporation in Tokyo Japan, who have lined over twenty thousand (20,000) UPST's since commencing in 1998, we can offer an expert tank lining service to customers.

In 2017 we expanded our business to import, supply and install double wall Steel/Fibreglass UPSTs and integrated fuel systems with assistance from U-Won Inc. (South Korea). We work in cooperation with trusted, reputable fuel systems installers and can offer turn key project management in any Australian State or Territory. Our knowledge pool is sourced locally and globally making use of it all for the greatest results.

The tanks we supply are coated with an ethanol protective layer in our Bayswater factory.

Our in situ tank coating services offer service station owners an economical variation to tank replacements or tank lining for protection against ethanol fuels.

Whilst focusing on safety and quality, our underlying goal has always been to provide Australian owners and operators with an environmentally responsible and affordable way of managing and ensuring the integrity of their fuel systems.

We constantly evolve to suit industry needs and look into the future with great curiosity and excitement so as to prepare and adapt to what is to come.

Subi Chung
Managing Director