JCC Suntech Pty Ltd TA Petroleum Tank Technologies (PTT) was established in 2006. Specialising in hand laid tank lining to UL1856 standards, interstitial monitoring systems, tank calibration, ATG installations, Leighton O'Brien accredited tank testing and comprehensive contractor/client support. We also supply double wall steel jacketed tanks from South Korea.


What is tank lining?

Tank lining is the process of upgrading old UPSS or above ground fuel storage tanks internally or externally by providing protection of the substrate material from chemical attack. Fibreglass (FRP) lining is superior to paint coatings because it structurally reinforces the existing material. It is the ultimate method to prevent potential catastrophic operational and environmental failures and will allow your tank to get back to service quickly.

When is tank lining required?

Any tank that is leaking needs immediate repair and lining or replacement. Steel tanks weaken naturally and become thinner due to daily operations and chemical attack. Older single wall fiberglass tanks have unsuitable resins for fuel, particularly ethanol blends, and become softer and weaker. In both cases perforations and tears become a real threat due to weakened tank walls. So, any single wall steel tank or any single wall fiberglass pre 2010 tank is recommended for a lining procedure. Recommended best practice is the complete prevention of problems so tank lining should always be the first consideration as a preventative solution but also as a fast-reactive answer.

Our focus is to provide owners and operators with a safe, environmentally responsible and affordable way of managing and ensuring the integrity of your underground assets. To do so PTT staff are highly trained tank liners with WPCG receiver and endorser accreditations. We are also ISNetworld Caltex Australia accredited insured by Liberty Underwriters (UK) and have an impeccable perfect safety record.

Each tank PTT lines is backed by a 25-year warranty covered by Liberty Underwriters (UK).

Depending on the system installed each tank comes with a 25 year structural or non structural anti internal corrosion warranty that will keep your service station or depot pumping clean fuel well beyond predicted industry changes. We also scan our tanks to supply strapping charts for ATG, new dip sticks and install interstitial monitoring devices or ATG that will satisfy any Australian State or Territory EPA regulation. We can also provide pressure test certificates as we are accredited Leighton O'Brien tank testers. Our problem solving service ensures that any issue is addressed promptly and correctly.

While adhering to Australian Standards (AS 4897-2008) we use UL listed materials to install UL 1856 Lining, Upgrade (with/without monitoring) and Structural systems. Repairs to tanks are performed to Lloyds accredited ship repair techniques or tank manufacturer specifications and manways, risers and other fuel system parts are sourced from the only best manufacturers and suppliers locally and abroad.

Turnkey fuel systems projects are also available through our extensive, reputable and trusted networks.

PTT is the safest, most reliable, most complete and accountable tank lining company in Australia so come talk to us today about the best possible solution for your business.

Petroleum Tank Technologies

New tank supply / Installations / Turn key project management

Petroleum Tank Lining

In situ structural tank lining to extend tank life by 25 years. UL 1856 Co-Structural and Structural Standards. Suitable for ethanol fuels.

Petroleum Tank Coating

In situ non-structural UL1856 lining for ethanol fuels and protection against internal corrosion.

Petroleum Pipe Technologies

Integrated fuel system installations