UL1856 Upgrade and Structural Lining

Our double wall lining system can be monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The interstitial space is monitored via analogue or digital system. Analogue systems need to be checked manually while digital systems conveniently signal the operator if there is an issue. Monitoring systems are optional.

The interstitial monitoring devices come from Dover Fuels plus we calibrate all tanks and provide strapping charts for ATG and new dip sticks using their 3D laser scanner. Their SIRA solution has an optional subscription to Fairbanks which is an online real time inventory monitoring system. The ProGauge ATG is capable of pushing the necessary data up to Fairbanks for reporting and the only prerequisite is an internet connection. They can supply industrial modems (without a SIM) if no other connection is available.

Although a longer procedure, there is still minimal site disruption meaning minimal revenue loss because your service station can remain operational throughout. For total safety we recommend a full shut down.

For upgrade systems we offer a 25-year structural anti internal corrosion warranty where cathodic protection is in place. For structural systems we offer a 25 year structural anti corrosion warranty.

All lined tanks come with calibration data and new dip sticks.

A full job report, including stage photos, work documents including permits, pressure test certificates and warranties is provided.

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