FRP Lining for UPST’S

Our UPST lining system is developed in-house and integrates external expertise such as Lloyds accredited ship repair and building techniques. We effectively install a second Tank wall inside the original tank, to provide a totally secure and permanently sealing internal lining for UPST's.

During the lining process, there is minimal site disruption and minimal revenue loss, as opposed to considerable disruption and revenue loss when having to totally close down during a tank replacement.

Our lightweight but extremely durable FRP/CFRP or 3D Lining will not separate from the Tank Wall whether pre or post-curing, and is backed by our 20 year Guarantee against failure. It provides service stations with a storage capability for Ethanol Blend fuels up to 100%, and is fully compliant to International and Australian Standards.

By utilizing specialized resins as a standard final coating , up to 100% Ethanol blends can be safely and securely stored.

It also offers a less costly alternative to UPST replacement, including business lost during replacement time. We generally achieve 1/3 to 2/3 the cost of tank replacements.

Please also CLICK HERE for our Powerpoint presentation, for more details of the lining process.

NOTE: An added feature of our lining process and also our Tank Cleaning , is the installation of a Manhole for future entry, and with possible provision for future installation of an Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG).

The cost for this “built in” manhole service is included in all quotes/price lists for our Tank Lining and Tank Cleaning services.

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