UPST coating for Ethanol fuel protection

Whether it is due to State Government mandates or just plain old common sense, steel tanks or old single wall fibre glass tanks must to be protected against ethanol fuels.

JCC Suntech’s expertise in tank lining can be adapted to coat tanks with an ethanol protective layer at a much cheaper rate than replacements and/or lining.

Our rates are fixed according to tank size and include the installation of blank manway, soil protective personnel shute and Gatic forecourt lid.

Tank size rates are:

  • 5KL ~ 10KL
  • 11KL ~ 20KL
  • 21KL ~ 30KL
  • 31KL ~ 40KL
  • 41KL ~ 50KL
  • 50KL ~ 60KL
  • 60KL ~ 80KL
  • 80KL ~ 100KL
  • 100KL+ assessment required

Although tank coating prices are uniform mobilization costs vary depending on site locations so please call us on (+613) 9729 6885 or email for your free, no obligation quote.